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Tri-Town Garden Clubs

There are five garden clubs in Topsfield, Boxford and Middleton.   The clubs have similar goals and activities and hold a Joint Meeting once a year, usually in November.  As a courtesy to our friends, we offer contact information for their organizations.

Boxford Village Gardeners
The Boxford Village Garden Club has been an active club since 1938 providing civic beautification and education regarding horticulture and the environment.  Members maintain gardens in 9 visible sites throughout Boxford.
Middleton Garden Club
Thirty-one years old, the Middleton Garden Club (organized in 1980 and federated in 1983) was founded for the  purpose of stimulating the love of gardening, encouraging civic planting, presenting quality information on all aspects of gardening, completing crafts, protecting the environment, and promoting the spirit of friendship.
New Meadows Garden Club
The objective of the New Meadows Garden Club is to foster knowledge of home gardening, decorative arrangements and an interest in civic projects. To accomplish this objective, the New Meadows Garden Club engages in a wide variety of activities in Topsfield and in conjunction with the Garden Club Federation of Massachusetts. 
PO Box 215
Boxford, MA 01921
New Meadows Newsletter
Village Gardeners
Village Gardeners is a non-federated organization that brings together people for sharing common interests in gardening, stimulate ideas and enthusiasm for horticultural achievements to benefit us and our community, and to have fun, together. We have a more "informal" structure than the traditional garden club allowing for a flexible program that meets members' schedules.
Po Box 68
Topsfield, MA
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