Program 2020-2021

The schedule below is a preliminary outline of our year’s activities.  Because of COVID meetings and activities are limited.  We hope, however, to proceed with some of our special programs. Workshops will be scheduled at various times to accommodate weather and members’ schedules. The Triangle Team will be working up to and after the first frost and then again in the spring according to the schedule that they establish. 

26th - 9:30 AM - Martha's Barn -  Halloween arrangements for Meals-on-Wheels.

Joint Meeting sponsored by the Boxford Village Gardeners cancelled.  

23rd - 9:30 AM - Martha's Barn - Thanksgiving floral arrangements for Meals on Wheels. 

28th-29th - Decorating Town Hall, the Gazebo, Main Street and businesses.
30th - ongoing - Martha's Barn - Wreath-making and arrangements.


14th - 9:30 AM - Martha's Barn - Greens arrangements for Meals-on-Wheels.

10th - 9:30 AM - Martha's Barn - Valentine floral arrangements and cards for Meals on Wheels.

15th – 9:30 AM – Martha's Barn - St. Patrick’s Day floral arrangements for Meals-on-Wheels. 

EXPO Cancelled
21st - 9:30 AM – Martha's Barn - Spring floral arrangements for Meals-on-Wheels.

TBD - Proctor School. Arbor Day Presentation at Proctor School.   
Last two weeks - Seed planting in greenhouses.   

First two weeks - Seed and container planting workshops in greenhouses. 
TBD- Agricultural Program at Proctor School. 

Spring/Summer Sale. Specific dates and times TBA.